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Hi and welcome to my website. My name is Debora Hull and I love to sing, write songs, work in our recording studio but most of all.. go out there and perform for you all.... I love being on stage big or small, and I love to sing Jazz music.

That's why I've decided after a long career of singing and performing in different styles like Soul, Funk Rock, R&B, Pop and Musical, to go back to my first love for music, singing Jazz. Starting of with releasing my first Jazz album named Living Room Session.

Over the next months I'll be working on original songs for my EP to be released this Autumn 2020. So please feel free to follow me on social media. Links below. So I can keep you in the loop ;-)

Mr. Bojangles Single released on 25 May 2020. Album released on June 8, 2020. Photo: Willem van der Graaf


My Events

June 1, 2020

Balcony Concert

The Hague, NL

Up Jazz Guitar Duo ft. Debora Hull

Little concert for neighbours on ditto balconies

June 17, 2020

Private Venue Cancelled

Corporate Event

Up Jazz Guitar Duo ft. Debora Hull

June 28, 2020

Paul Prins: Frank Sinatra Songbook Cancelled

Theater in de Steeg , The Hague

Jazz Guitarrist Paul Prins presents:

Debora Hull will be singing a few songs during the show. Invite only.

Juli 3, 4 and 5th, 2020

Voorburg Jazz Culinair Cancelled

Jazz Festival

Up Jazz Guitar Duo ft. Debora Hull

The best venue ever, in Debora's local town. Exact date to be announced.


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Live performance at CultuurFestival Voorburg, Summer 2019

Live performance at CultuurFestival Voorburg, Summer 2019




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